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Being listed in the prestigious Guinness Book of records is a feat every nation would possibly want to attain for good reasons and leave her footprints on world history. Nigerians isn't an exception. Let’s find out the world records Nigeria has set
and can be proud of.

1. Harrison Chinedu

A Nigerian footballer, Harrison Chinedu has walked his way into the Guinness book of records, for something strange. He broke the previous record for the ‘farthest distance walked with a ball on the head’.
He walked a total distance of 48.04 kilometers in 6 hours, 15 minute on th 6th of March, 2016 to beat the record formerly held by Indian soldier Naib Singh who walked a total distance of 45.64km in his country in 2014.

2. Obi Ajuonuma
Obi Ajuonuma is popularly known as DJ Obi, he broke the world record for the longest ever DJ set.
He started on 22nd of June and continued until 11.30pm on 2nd July, 2016.
Thereby completing a 240-hour marathon on the decks at a Lagos cafe, smashing the previous record of 200 hours set in Dublin by a Polish DJ called Norbert Selmaj in November 2014.
He reportedly set the record in honor of his father, Levi Ajuonuma, who was a TV producer, before dying in the Dana airplane crash of 2012. His record is yet to be ratified.

3. Chidera Anemege

Popularly known as Chiddy of Chiddy Bang, rapped his way into the Guinness book of records in 2011.
He is the current holder of the longest rap freestyle by an individual.
He set the record at the MTV O Music Awards in Las Vegas, the U.S.A. Chiddy freestyled for 9 hours 18 mins and 22 secs. He even had to keep rapping while using the toilet twice, to set the record

4. Kafayat Shafau (Kaffy)

Kafayat Shafau is popularly known as Kaffy. She broke the world record in longest dance with a time of 52 hours and 3 minutes in 2006. She did this with her team, Imagneto, at the Nokia Silverbird Danceathon. The renowned fitness and dance instructor, Kaffy has her own dance school.
The 36-year-old has now being married for four years with two children.

5. The largest tooth brushing

Around 300, 000 students have gathered together at various locations at the same time
throughout the country. They all had their tooth brushes and tooth paste with them and became world leaders moving India to the second place.

6. The largest jersey

Nigeria has defeated Turkey by presenting the biggest jersey in the world in support of the
Super Eagles team. The size of the jersey was truly amazing with almost 75m in width and
nearly 90m in length.

7. The largest mosquito net

Roughly 200 school students have created the largest mosquito net in the world to draw
public attention to the problem of malaria which kills around 1 million people in Africa
annually. The presentation was attended by the first lady Stella Obasanjo and widely covered in mass media.

8. Twin wedding

Two twin sisters married two twin brothers at a double wedding attended. This was the first
time ever recorded in history and Nigeria in particular.

9. Highest Number Of Choristers

Nigeria has become the global leader in Christmas carol singing performed by almost
25,300 people. The record previously belonged to a choir from Columbia numbering slightly
more than 15,000 singers. The singing lasted for 20 minutes.

10. Tunji Olu-Taiwo

Tunji Olu-Taiwo, who was an Engineering student of Eastern Mediterranean
University in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus obtained 4.0 CGPA out of 4.0
CGPA, this Young Man made World Record as the VERY first ever in the Engineering department to attain such a feat.

Soon my name would be on this list!

Give it up for Naija αβeg

By David Aipoh

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Biggest Africa Employability Summit Slated To Hold At Uniben On October 22nd, 2016.


The Africa Employability Summit has 3 special offers to the participants.
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Saturday, 15 October 2016



They say life is a Race.
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Monday, 10 October 2016

The Faculty of Engineering - UNIBEN


                There exists a certain faculty in UNIBEN, the Corrosive Republic of Ugbowo, The city of first class students, the town where the heart of the school lays. When the citizens in this land sneezes, the whole school catches cold. On this note, the Vice Chancellor (past, present and future) begged this same people to build his permanent Office close to them so that he will be able to appease its corrosive catalysis. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING they call it, but we call it the engine room of UNIBEN.
                The faculty of Engineering is the best faculties among others (As in, there are only two faculties in Uniben, Engineering and others) and it is one of the flag off faculties in the University of Benin. It has a total of Eight departments which are Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Petroleum, Production and Structural  Engineering, each boasting of average Admission capacity of 120 Students each, somewhat a total of 900+ admission capacity every year.  Faculty of engineering students are the only students in the whole of UNIBEN that have classes assigned to each level and it also houses the only department in the whole school that is fenced, give it up for the former white house...
                There is a popular saying among students in this faculty; they say that the Post UTME exam is in 100level. This is because Engineering students in this level are basically not in engineering as all their courses are the same with the Faculty of Physical science. The courses circles around Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and of course, General studies. These doesn’t explain why the level is called the Post UTME exam level right? Well, if you fail courses that totals above 10Credits, sorry you are remaining in physical science.
                The faculty boasts of the youngest lecturers in the school and the Dean of the faculty (Engr. Prof. Aisien) is the most humble man there is who is always open to everybody. Newly admitted students are not likely to meet most of the staffs in the faculty as their courses will be taken by Physical Science lecturers. The only staff they will be familiar with is their Course Adviser.
                As a newly admitted student, most of your courses as listed above are basic secondary school courses but with an in-depth concentration, each of the courses have their textbooks and everything concerning examination is from these textbooks given. There are two practical courses too, PHY101 is a 2credit load practical course and the other one is an Inorganic/Organic Chemistry practical which according to legend is a place where Engine students go to test their titration techniques.
                Yes! Being an engineering student requires strength and dedication, but truth be told; The Faculty of Engineering remains the easiest faculty to either pass or fail. What you put in is what you get, you want to graduate with honors? Start from your first level.
                I am sure most of you will not have problem locating this faculty, ask anybody you see. But please don't ask a bloody fresher

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SUG Hostel Update... Survival for the fastest!!!


SUG HOSTEL UPDATE 10/10/2016!!!
Greetings Great Minds, we believe you had a great Holiday.
Below is the Hostel application and payment resolution as at this morning.
(1) Portal for Hostel application fee payment would be opened by 12 noon today
(2) With or without your current level showing, you can pay your Hostel application fee
(3) with or without your results online, you can pay your hostel application fee
(4) After Hostel application payment online, take your print out to the various designated venues and submit the Hostel application fee print out
(5) Check online for allocation of Bed space later as there would not be an immediate allocation of bed space
(6)No submission of any document at Student affairs
(7) Please note that change of level and results online is not a consideration for payment of Hostel application fee and maintainance fee
(8) When Bed space is been allocated to you, you can then proceed to paying for your Hostel Maintainance fee
(9) Then go to the hostel allocated to you for clearance
(10) Please note that Hostel application remains Manual in the various designated centres while Payment remains Online.
(11) Note that classes official resumes Today
Greatest Uniben Intellectuals, your Interest Remains Our utmost priority.
We wish you all a stress-free Hostel application and a successful resumption.
Thanks for your usual cooperation
Ikotu Gideon Kelechi
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Top Eight (8) reasons why I Like Ekehuan Campus


                I got punched by a girl some months ago for refusing to refer to EKEHUAN CAMPUS as University of Benin. Seriously, the punch was so heavy I felt my brain twistingly straighted – if you know what I mean by the “not so English” words, you wouldn’t say that grammar is wrong. Basically, after 1hour trying to convince me to pay a visit to Ekehuan Campus of the University of Benin, I agreed.

                I don’t want to bore you with the kind of heat that frustrated my inner being while I was heading to Ekehuan from Ugbowo. I rather bore you with how I entered the wrong bus going to New Benin instead of Ring road, thanks to the bus driver who seriously didn’t tell where he was going…  I was the only person that he didn’t tell mehn!. Boring right?

                About 40minutes later, I was standing in front of a gate just along Ekehuan road and beside the gate is “We;come to EKEHUAN CAMPUS”. I was expecting the gate to be as busy as the one at Ugbowo but all I could notice were the beautiful ones that obviously have been born going in and out of the gate. I spent 12hours in the campus and I must say that I wished I could spend more, yes the girl that invited me contributed  to the “wish” but let’s pretend I went alone. Below are top 10 things that wowed me.

1.       TALENT: Just a minute walk from the gate were students totaling about 12(9girls, 2boys and 1 I couldn’t decide whether she was HUMAN) doing a ACAPELLA together. Their voices were so harmonious that I stood directly opposite them to hear them better. I must have looked like one escaped LION from Jos but who cares? I don’t like regrets, and I would have regretted not taking a stand to appreciate one of the “not so human” because she was Beautiful, I had never seen a Nigerian with such a…. Alright, I swear their voices was cool. This doesn’t happen in UGBOWO at all, who you wan do acapella with? Church choir abi who? Next…

2.       LOW SPENDING: Sincerely speaking, Ekehuan campus is a tad bit bigger than the Faculty of Engineeering. With this in mind, they don’t have shuttles or cab. Nothing like 20naira everyday to class or 100naira cab because you can’t wait for the bus or you want to act big. Everybody in that campus can like to TREK ehn!...  

3.       FREEDOM : I took a stroll to the hostel of residence and I was shocked to see a girl lying on the bunk that was meant for boys. As in, I was told “some” girls even sleep over in boys hostels but boys hardly do that. Eyssss… Not all the girls.

4.       NO OBTAINERS : I took a stroll to see a friend that stays off K and I left her house by 9pm. Unto Ekosodin matters, I buried my phone and ATM card in my skinny chinos. Even after I was told the “GUY SHOW” crew weren’t around there, I had to be watchful.

5.       HOSTELS : Four to a room the size of an average Hall II/III room that originally take in 8students. Need I say more?

6.       COMMON ROOM : Last session, Hall III and IV brethren were gushing of how tushed up their common room was. Me sef join boast to my friend wey dey Unilag say our common room get Flat screen TV and full DSTV subscription. When I got to ekehuan common room ehn!!!.... 3Flat screen TV, PS4, AC and most especially… Its not restricted to a gender. Do you know that jackopites from ugbowo come to this common room to read? Now you know.

7.       STATUES : I was told they come alive at night, but even at that, they are beautifully created.
8.       GIRLS : Lets pretend that the title of this piece is “10 Things I LIKE”… Nah, how can I love girls? Seriously, Ugbowo girls dey learn for wia Ekehuan girls dey – In terms of MAKE UP.

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Diary of a UNIBEN Student on IT (Airport Agbero) {1}


        The pete of it was that it couldn't have been a better day for flying. Not like it was perfect but the April weather was surprisingly cloudless. There was a cool, harmless breeze out of the North or South or wherever the breeze came from. Airport road traffic was moderate, you should know that moderate in Lagos is approximately 20minutes in one place. No planes were circling, awaiting permission to land, there were only a couple of aircraft in line to take off even though they were at least two hours behind schedule.

It was an ordinary Friday morning at the Murtala Muhammed Airpot in Lagos. At about 11:30pm  (2hours 30minutes behind schedule), flight 177 had its 137 passengers seated, getting ready to take off, stowing carryon baggage in overhead compartments, buckling up, settling into their seats with books, magazines and newspapers. The cockpit crew routinely went through the preflight and some other crap they do and in less than 40 minutes, flight 177 was off. Off to a journey that would change the life of every passenger on board…

Oh! please cut the expectations, I was not on board and I don’t even know if it was flight 177. The last time I checked, I was yet to fly a plane. I am a 400level Petroleum engineering student of the UNIVERSITY OF BENIN, I am supposed to be on Industrial Training (I.T) but after touring the whole of Lagos, Portharcourt and Delta for I.T placements with no luck,  I resorted to contacting my Uncle who was in the Immigration office of Murtala Mohammed Airport thinking he was going to fix me up in the fueling unit but what did I get? I became a clearing officer.

Well, clearing officer sounds nice but how about a description of my Job? I was supposed to be an agent to hotels that were around the vicinity of the airport.  I would earn commission on each customer I brought in and it was supposed to be my duty to see that the luggage of my clients are well taken care of.  In as much as I don’t like the name the Lagos Cab drivers call us Airpot boys sometimes it sounded cool; if and only if they didn’t replace the ‘boys’ with agberos (Touts).

Alright, four days ago was my fourth day at work and I can bet my life that internet made it the hardest work ever. I have had just a few clients and the internet was evidently my greatest enemy. I mean, who needs my service when you can book a hotel online?  Even Cab services were booked online.

       I sat at the airport arrival section with the tuxedo I used my last money to buy, doing my best to be optimistic and trying not to laugh at the thick Igbo accented voice streaming from the public address system. The section was what it was; people waiting for their loved ones and business men being received by huge fat men that sadly think they are so built they won’t let a hustler handle a common briefcase. If there was anything special about this section, it was the number of celebrities to behold.

I used to think that since I was not a fan of the popular artistes in the country, I wouldnt be freaked if I come across them but boy, I saw D’banj on my first day and I didn’t know how I got myself boasting on Facebook to my friends that he said a word or two to me. Guess the word...

       The Tuesday morning seemed like every other day, except that I woke up late and had to skip my morning devotion and prayers. God go understand! I said to myself I didnt skip breakfast sha....

I stood at the airport terminal trying to look for potential customers, after about an hour; I decided to look for a seat as I read messages from the Whatsapp group of my class (Shoutout to 2015/2016 400 Engine students) and everyone was talking about their IT jobs and all. I told them I was doing mine at MMA in Lagos and they all said I was lucky. LOL! Lucky? Nah! My name is Kayode.

Just when I was about to tell them the description of my fortunate job, I heard an unfamiliar word. Hello! it was a feminine voice.

I jumped up from where I sat, looked at the beautiful being before me and then I calmly said: Your travel agent, at your service Ma’am" She had on a nose ring, an Iphone6 on her right hand, her lips danced to the rhythm of whatever she was chewing and the smell of her cologne could raise the dead. Can you get me to Four points by Sheraton? I will pay you whatever

Thank you Jesus, I have seen my first customer of the day! I don hammer…

Originally posted on RCF EDITORIAL BOARD
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UNIBE247 Hostel Application Updates


       Ask an average student of UNIBEN about the hostel application process and you will get absolutely nothing except getting more confused. Below are Hostel application wahala, I am kind down with laziness right now so I will just put everything in bullet forms.

  • Hostel application is no longer manual, the SUG have actually done something good early this semester by overturning the decision of the school management to bring students to school early. Hostel application is to be done online, for the online processes, visit the school website.
  • There is temporary hostel for everyone that is resuming this week or probably this whole month. Hall II for the male students and Hall IV Unit I for the female students.

  • You must have paid your school fees, hostel application and SUG dues before applying…

  • On lectures resuming, I don’t know about your faculty but the faculty of Engineering will be starting lectures this week. E get why.

  • Yeah… You are probably asking right now if the school will start without the admission of fresh students. Keep asking.

  • With that said, there is no need for a detailed ‘how to pay school fees’ post. However, if you need help applying for hostel space, email or call 09071373033

ü  Finally, welcome back to school.
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Saturday, 1 October 2016



Many years ago, a child was born into a royal family (the vast
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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Top 3 types of Relationships a student should avoid


Universities are hotbeds for all kinds of relationships, from everlasting true love through to awkward one-night stands.

Arriving at uni straight from an all-girls grammar school, I was completely delighted with the sheer number of acne-ridden, testosterone-overloaded boys on offer.
But I've learned a few things along the way. Relationships at uni are important; they make you grow up a lot quicker than any amount of separating whites from colours will do. However, there are some kinds of relationships that you should steer clear of, because they tend to make you forget why you ever went to uni in the first place.
So freshers and students, I offer you my list of things (and people) not to do; third-years, hold your heads (and aching hearts) in shame if you've ever made these mistakes.

1. Relationship with your lecturer
It's understandable that you'd be attracted to the person imparting wisdom and learning to you on a weekly basis. There are all too many occasions for attraction to blossom; seminars where everyone else is too hungover to turn up, or the aptly named "personal" tutorials.
Relationships between faculty members and students are pretty common, and rarely prohibited by universities.
But (and I write this as the daughter of a student-staff relationship) most relationships you have at uni aren't going to end happily ever after. Most likely, if you get into a relationship with your tutor or lecturer, it will implode at some point, and you'll have to endure the awkwardness and pain of forced contact with an ex who still holds the position of power over you that was so attractive in the first place.
Or, worse, you'll just hit on a lecturer when drunk on free departmental wine, be rejected, and have to spend the next three years studiously avoiding them, and never ever taking any of their modules.

2. Relationship with your flatmate
This, thankfully, isn't a mistake I've made, much as I've tried. However, Katie, a friend from home, started seeing a flatmate at the beginning of this year. "We first got together on a night out, and then discovered that we both liked each other." It's a common situation.  

But, as Katie testifies, things can get rough. "I ended things, which is when the problems began. He still liked me, and even a few months later, he'd get really angry if I got with any other guys. I'd go to the kitchen to get breakfast, and he'd be waiting to tell me off."

Having a relationship with someone you already live with escalates everything; you can get close really quickly, but that makes it harder if you then split up. Katie says: "Don't do it – or at least wait until the summer if you want anything to happen."


3. Relationship with a sabbatical officer

Sabbatical officers are students who take a year off between or directly after their studies to take on key positions in the student union. Relationships between students and sabbs might not immediately seem particularly ill-advised, and you do get a kind of second-hand power rush from dating someone vaguely important. But when it ends, and there's a cardboard cutout of your ex that creepily guards the entrance to your uni, it becomes peculiarly painful. As are all the emails, the weird pictures of them dressed up in a novelty reindeer costume, and the realisation that it's very hard to get over someone when they're around all the time.

Source : The Guardian
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